Need clean drinking water? I find that distilled water is the best, and the purest is a Laboratory Grade Water Distiller.


Holding in his hand a glass of sparkling water

An email I received

Subject: Silver water "Miracle"
From: "M. E."
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001
To: lenny@
Dear Lenny,

I just had to write you to tell, THANK YOU!!!!!!! "J. G." brought me a jug of colloidal silver water that you had made, Lenny, I have been very ill for the last 5 years, and basically the Doctors have just given me prescriptions to try to figure out what is wrong. I started drinking the silver water only 6 days ago, and there is such a vast improvement, that I have to share this with you.

"J." stopped by to see me last night, and couldn't believe his eyes--I was laughing and smiling, sitting in front of my mirror, curling my hair, and so happy that the big weepy sore that HAD BEEN on my face, arms, legs, back, shoulders, feet, were going away!!!!!!!!! I have got very weak lungs, and I was able to even go With OUT OXYGEN for 8 hours on Thursday! Lenny, could you help me make the machine that makes this water? Or could I buy water from you on a regular basis? Or could I help you get the silver you need to make this water?

Lenny, I feel most certain, that you have got a cure for something with this water. I am very interested in meeting with you someday, with "J.", and discuss what could be done to market your water. Please write to me "M. E." or call me x-xxx-xxx-xxxx God Bless You Lenny, Sincerely "M. E."

Click for homepage of the Bio-Energetics Group:

This Silver Colloid is made from pure distilled water that has under gone bio electric field enhancement, called on the net B.E.F.E. The frequency of the splitting of the hydrogen atom from the water molecule, during hydrolysis of the water, creates vibrations, these vibrations travel through the water and glass to energize the pure distilled water inside of the glass jug. As the weak hydrogen  bonds, holding the water clusters in large clumps is vibrated or shaken apart, oxygen above the water (jug has loose cap partly open) is absorbed from the air to fill the need of the hydrogen side of the water molecule, which is the positive end, so hydrogen bonding no longer occurs between two water molecules, but such that the two hyrogens in a water molecule bond to a dissolved o2 molecule,  replacing the large, less  energized  water clusters, with highly energized o2 bonding so each water molecule has a molecular bond  which is weaker than an atomic bond, to an oxygen molecule, thus the dissolved oxygen content of the water is extremely high, thus creating "water of life" because of the "breath of life" or "oxygen" in the water.

Below is  a 3" PVC pipe about 6" long with many drilled holes. in the middle is a 1" diameter stainless steel pipe almost 3" long. It is held in position by a piece of 1" pvc cut in two - lengthwise. It has a 1" circular hole saw partial cut, in the middle, to secure the 1" stainless steel pipe.  The 1" stainless steel piece is in place below, in the middle of the 3" pipe, as seen in this partial view. The screw and nut seen below serves to hold the two plastic pieces, at each end,  to the 1" stainless steel pipe.

gauge4.jpg (143874 bytes)

Here can be seen the large 4 gauge copper wire wrapped around the PVC pipe, as they were out of 6 or 8 gauge, which is easier to bend and  wind.

I have about 34 volts D.C. accross the stainless steel pipe in the middle and the copper wire. The copper is positive and the stainless steel is the negative terminal of the D.C. current.

I see no reason you couldn't use a 1" copper pipe for the middle negative connection, but I didn't have any 1" pieces of copper, but had on hand the 1" stainless steel pipe.

The positive electrode is the one that gets corroded or dissolved away into the water, as it receives the bombardment originating from the negative terminal. Atoms of copper are hacked off when the electrons hit it. But the gentle leaving of the electrons, as they "tippy-toe" off the stainless steel into the water, doesn't corrode the negative terminal, but what happens is immediate hydrolysis at the negative terminal, as you see the hydrogen bubbles, bubbling off of the negative terminal. Across the waters surface, mostly at the positive electrode is some bubbling also, probably oh- (hydroxyl's) bubbling up while o2 is pulled down to replace the breaking apart of the hydrogen bonding between the water molecules by the molecular vibration of hydrolysis.? Another theory is that the "hacking" away of the copper produces micro sparking which produces carbon as black smudging from the electricity, is on the glass jugs after charging takes place. Perhaps this produces energy passing through the glass into the water. I use a cleanser powder to scrub the black carbon off the glass jugs.


tank.gif (130947 bytes)

4-jugs.gif (111974 bytes)

electric-dc.gif (58170 bytes)

my old Xerox Diablo 630 high impact daisy wheel printers' power supply, 33 volts pure D.C. at a high current or amperage output. Weighs a lot more than the Q2 unit, notice the massive transformer and filter capacitor.

powersupply.jpg (83735 bytes)

capacitor.jpg (148165 bytes)

coil.jpg (147568 bytes)

My  Energy Spa above- Use for a warm  foot bath or tub bath.
Throw away parts - Plastic bins from a refrigerator and the front timer panel from a thow away microwave oven.  Limit for safety to a 35 minute session every other day. Check out B.E.F.E.


more pics:

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Excerpt from Bob Becks lecture describing the beginning of electro-medicine being stomped out.


Dr. Bob Beck's lecture on mp3 tells us at 32 minutes 48 seconds, begins with:

  ... but probably cause reversal in most things that medical science hasn't got a clue, how to handle, because in 1910, there was a thing called the Flexnor Report where Andrew Flexnor was sent out by Rockefeller Senior to stomp out electro-medical research and electro-medicine in America, why?, because Rockefeller had bought interests in pharmaceutical houses, if you can cure 'em for-with 25 cents worth of batteries, who could sell you $20,000 worth of AZT?, $3 a pill antibiotics ...

According to scientist Bob Beck D.Sc. who has his doctorate in science and who is responsible for designing two simple 'in vivo' blood electrification techniques, many HIV / Aids patients using his modalities have reached undetectable viral counts (as proven by Polymerase Chain Reaction -PCR-testing) at between 4-8 weeks of two hour per day therapy; still he says, he is constantly threatened by authorities. He is perhaps the most vocal critic of an alleged pharmaceutically-based conspiracy to cover up and discredit the electro-medical movement. Records indicate that in the 1930's the Flexnor Report declared the use of electricity in medicine quackery; conveniently ushering in the new antibiotic "wonder-drug" age. At the time, 10,000 medical practitioners in America alone, believed in and practiced electro-medicine. They were forced to stop or loose their licenses to practice

Although the American Medical Association was founded in 1847, sweeping changes in medical education did not occur until the issuance of the Carnegie Foundation's study, the "Flexnor Report" in 1910. In that year, the number of medical schools had dropped to 155, including a large number of proprietary schools, but according to the report, only one (John's Hopkins) provided acceptable medical training. Thus, began the end of the preceptor period and the beginning of strict state licensure and more uniform degree requirements.

II. Medical Education
  A. Early medical education
     1. Proprietary
          a. Weak training and standards
     2. Flexnor Report
          a. Closed many weak medical training programs

Homepathy is a two-hundred year old system of medicine which began in Germany, discovered by Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. It spread throughout Europe and later, in the early 1800's to the United States. The successful treatment of epidemics such as cholera and yellow fever brought the popularity of homeopathic medicine to the United States. One quarter of all physicians were practicing homepaths. There were 110 homeopathic hospitals and 22 homeopathic medical schools. Homeopathy fell in decline because of the Flexnor Report of 1918, combined with the advent of pharmaceuticals.

The FLEXNOR REPORT (1910) destroyed American homeopathy and this was where it was king.
... We had 23 medical schools and 150 hospitals, major clinics and assylums for the insane and TB patients by the time the FLEXNOR REPORT was issued in 1910.
... Within three years, all of our schools save two and all of our hospitals, etc., fell into allopathic hands, because the philanthropists of the time used the FLEXNOR REPORT for the allocation of their funds in order to add prestige to their robber-baron names. Homeopathy got bypassed, and allopathic medicine gained total control of world medicine. Homeopathy survived in legitimate, Hahnemannian form in Germany amongst a few and rose to what it is now with more Hahnemannians alive today than at any other time in history. But we are still the smallest minority in history.

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